Company Registration Services in Russia

Set Up Your Company, Branch or Representative Office in Russia

Company formation is the first step towards successful development of any business in Russia, on the path to which all the fine points and nuances must be taken into account.

Our specialists are ready to provide qualified and prompt assistance in all matters of subsidiary company set-up and further support at every stage of your business development, thus helping you save time and avoid unnecessary risks.

Russian company registration services include:

  • Consulting on the choice of the optimal organizational and legal form of your firm in Russia. We can assist with registration of such legal entities as:
    – Limited Liability Company (LLC is “OOO” in Russia)
    – Joint-Stock Company (“AO” or “PAO” in Russia)
    – Representative office (RO) or branch office of your foreign company
    – Russian non-profit organization
  • Company legal address registration
  • Preparation of the documents package required for the company set-up in accordance with the legislation of Russian Federation
  • Consulting on the choice of the optimal tax system and tax registration of the company
  • Implementation of registration (preparation, submission and receipt of documents) with the tax authorities and state statistics service
  • Preparation and submission of documents for opening of settlement accounts
  • Registration of organization with extra-budgetary funds

The process of company formation will include:

  • Drafting founding documents (including the company charter)
  • Preparing registration at the trade register held by tax authorities (“initial registration”)
  • Tax registration
  • Registration with the social fund
  • Registration with the pension fund
  • Registration with the statistics authority

  • Obtaining the company’s seal
  • Opening a bank account
  • Registration of the legal address of the company
  • Preparing and approving internal company’s policies (basic obligatory policies): Internal labor rules; Personal data protection policy; Labor safety instruction
  • Preparing a General director policy, drafts of labor agreement with general director and with regular employee

At your request, our experts can also carry out comprehensive business support at further stages of your business’ development:

  • Amendments to the Charter and other constituent documents of the company, followed by registration of changes with the tax service
  • Registration of change of general director, the sale and purchase of shares in the authorized capital of the company, changes in the composition of the shareholders
  • Registration of change of legal address

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