Statutory Audit and Auditing Services in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and all of Russia

Awara provides audit and assurance services for the operations and financial performance of your business. Our clients come in all sizes and from various industries. Our approach is to provide clear Western style audit services in Russia and CIS countries.

Our company offers a full range of auditing and assurance services:

  • Financial Statement Audit / Financial Audit Services
  • Tax Audit Services
  • Russian Statutory Audit (RAS) Services
  • IFRS Audit / US GAAP Audit Services
  • Internal Audit Services
  • Audit of HR Documentation
  • IT Audit Services
  • Internal Controls Audit Services
  • Express and Spot Audit Services
  • Tax and Consulting Services


Competitive Pricing

The quality of auditing services provided by Awara is comparable to the level of the Big 4 consulting firms, and is much more affordable. In addition, in order to avoid currency risks Awara offers to fix the fees in roubles.

Not a Mere Report

Besides an audit in accordance with Russian or international standards we also perform a careful analysis on tax risks & conduct a legal overview of key documents, ensuring the transparency of client’s financial statements.

Full-Service Support

We are not just an audit company, but a full team of highly-qualified professionals in the fields of accounting, financial reporting, tax compliance, Russian legislation, interim management, and personnel search & selection.

Sergey Minyailo

Sergey Minyailo
Chief of Financial Outsourcing Department
Reading a 100-page auditor’s report is hardly anyone’s favourite thing to do. Especially for management. Unfortunately, in Russian business practice there’s a tendency for such long-reads, where all the key data gets lost amongst a myriad of non-essential information. That’s why our audit services include a preparation of  additional report for management team, which provide a clean and concise overview of your business and save your precious time.


Accreditation from the Committee on Economic Development and Investment Activity of the Leningrad region indicates a high level of trust and confirms the professionalism of Awara’s staff, its reliable material and technical base, and the positive customer feedback of accredited companies.

The results of an external quality assurance of our audit company show the highest rating of quality (“1”). It indicates that there are no violations and confirms the quality of Awara audit services.

The results of the external quality assurance of audit company


Sergey Minyailo

Sergey Minyailo
Chief of Financial Outsourcing Department

Eva Hua

Eva Hua
Business Consultant

St. Petersburg:
+7 812 244-75-49