Awara has a very special competitive edge in tax law. Since the foundation of our company, tax and legal consulting has been in the focus of our activities. And in view of our emphasis on delivering practical solutions and implementing our advice, we are especially strong in tax compliance services which we produce together with the outsourcing company Awara Accounting.

Our tax compliance services cover the following areas:

  • Tax accounting as an outsourced service
  • Tax review (initiative audit of your tax situation and risks; Tax Due Diligence / Self Checks)
  • Assisting taxpayer at tax inspections (tax audits by tax office)
  • VAT Compliance
  • VAT Registration
  • VAT disputes
  • Transfer pricing compliance
  • Permanent establishment risk analysis
  • Filing of corporate tax returns/tax declarations (Profit tax, VAT, property tax, land tax, payroll taxes, including employers social and pension contributions)
  • Filing of personal tax returns/tax declarations (Personal Income Tax)
  • Personal wealth management tax compliance



We have extensive experience in advising our clients on all kinds of cross-border transactions such as profit repatriations, intercompany transactions, management services, royalties, franchising, licensing and other IPR related transactions, transfer pricing, and secondment agreements. We are frequently asked to give advice for international tax planning and international tax structuring issues involving two or several jurisdictions.


We advise high-net-worth individuals in structuring their international wealth management and expats in their Russian taxation status and its implication to other jurisdictions.


Due to the peculiarities of Russian tax administration practices we have gained extensive experience in tax litigation. Corporations are frequently involved in tax disputes and tax controversies with the authorities that require assistance from professional lawyers and auditors. We have a proven track record of successfully protecting our clients’ interests against unwarranted tax claims. This is why our tax practitioners include some of the most experienced tax litigators in Russia. All emerging tax disputes have to be taken seriously, for if the tax authorities are not dealt with appropriately and promptly, then the matters may escalate. It is advisable to engage professional tax specialists early on. – Even better to engage BRICS Consulting for current tax advice and tax compliance services, for this way we will reduce the likelihood of tax disputes by providing professional advice and proactive support.


Some people consider that there is an advantage in choosing a law firm instead of an accountancy firm for tax advice – and some consider it is vice versa. But with Awara the client is not faced with an either/or choice. Thanks to our accounting department you get both the practical experience of accountants and auditors in day-to-day tax compliance issues and the more fundamental juridical approach of the specialized tax lawyers. And the lawyers guarantee that the tax advice is considered in the framework of all other legal issues. The lawyers ensure that all the other business issues are identified in the complex advice to a tax concern.


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