Restoration of financial and tax accounting in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Tver

Inaccurate accounting transactions or situations when accounting was completely neglected for some period of time will sooner or later draw the attention of Russian tax authorities and cause penalties, which in the end will require the company to bring its financial and tax accounting into compliance with local legislation.

Awara can help your business with either full accounting restoration or partial recovery of various accounting functions for a specific period of time.

We offer the following services of financial and tax accounting restoration:

  • Analysis of the current accounting processes and identification of potential risks, errors, and discrepancies
  • Correction of all mistakes and discrepancies
  • Restoration of missing/lost documents
  • Calculation of taxes and restoration of accounting records
  • Recovery of accounting databases
  • Submission of missing reports to state authorities


Rich experience

Our professional portfolio includes various accounting restoration projects for both Russian subsidiaries of foreign companies and local firms of various sizes.


High-quality service is our priority: there won’t be any mistakes in your company’s accounting process and it won’t require any additional control from your side.

Full-service support

We are not just an accounting company. Awara is also a team of professionals in taxation, audit, law, HR, and IT.

Sergey Minyailo

Sergey Minyailo
Chief of Financial Outsourcing Department
The price of accounting restoration usually depends on the estimated volume of work: the number of documents to restore, the kind of accounting division, tax regime, whether your company has any import or export operations, the number of employees, and how diversified your business activities are. Ask for a quote and we will perform workload analysis and let you know the costs and timeframes.


Sergey Minyailo

Sergey Minyailo
Chief of Financial Outsourcing Department

Eva Hua

Eva Hua
Business Consultant

St. Petersburg:
+7 812 244-75-49