Awara is truly unrivalled in Russia when it comes to knowledge and experience of labor law and employment matters. We offer a complex service of planning the normative structure of employment working through corporate HR policies to the individual employment agreements.

We have been very successful in resolving all labor related disputes and in helping the employer always to reach its goals when undertaking corporate restructurings, downsizing, or staff reduction programs.

We advice on all labor and employment law matters:

  • preparation of general director, top management and other employment contracts;
  • preparation of visa and work permits;
  • dismissals;
  • ownsizing and staff reductions;
  • trade union and collective bargaining issues;
  • employment and collective disputes.

We offer the full implementation of HR administration function on an outsourced basis. This includes preparation of:

  • the various HR policies;
  • employee handbooks;
  • occupational health and safety measures.

Awara also advices on:

  • employment related benefits and incentives;
  • flexible remuneration packages;
  • equity incentive schemes;
  • pension schemes;
  • adjusting international stock options programs to the Russian framework.

In Russian law and administrative practice form is very important. Often rights and obligations are created or lost with form, wrong form or lack of form. The labor law makes no exception to this rule; on the contrary, form has a very elevated position in matters regulating Russian human resources (HR) issues. The requirements to form call for a lot of attention on the part of management, and the necessity to secure the services of experienced HR managers or HR consultants. Any omissions in the correct drafting of documents or lack of those can lead to the employer losing some of its intended rights, as well as an increased taxation burden and potential liability for damages.
Eugene Isaev, Executive Partner


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