Interim Management

Awara Management offers outsourced business management services and provides the client with all the needed management resources. We provide Interim Directors and Managers at executive and senior management level. Our service includes the provision of nominal General Director for a Russian firm. To note, in Russia a management company can act in the capacity of general manager, something of which Awara has a solid experience.

Our interim executives and managers are in demand for various reasons, for example, at start of the market entry to Russia when the foreign investor wants to keep the formal decision making and signature in trusted hands. And also to help overcome staff shortages, bring in new skills, project management, and for introduction of new technologies.

Hand in hand with Interim Management goes organizational change management (OCM). Our Change Management services offer a structured approach to change the business for the better by shifting individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. We help to create the processes and culture that enables employees to accept and embrace changes in their current business environment and management to reach their goals. Change Management (OCM) is needed, for example, for a successful implementations of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, something we do together with Awara IT solutions. In fact, we approach each of our assignments with the principles of good Project Management. We can thus help organizations change faster, more decisively and more meaningfully than their competitors.

We are not restricted to specific industries and functional positions and can therefore introduce in a short time Interim Managers and Change Managers across all industries and disciplines. This provision includes CEO’s, Executives, Directors, Senior Managers, IT directors and specialists, Sales and Marketing Executives, Financial Directors, CFO’s, Chief Accountants, Production and Operations directors and managers, Logistics and Supply Chain Managers, HR directors.

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