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Work Permits for Foreign Nationals & Exam to Obtain Work Permit in Russia

From January 1, 2015, the foreign nationals employed by the Russian representative offices of foreign companies will be entitled to obtain a work permit for highly qualified specialists.

La enorme deuda nueva de la UE y EEUU esconde tras de sí años de crecimiento del PBI en negativo.
La enorme deuda nueva de la UE y EEUU esconde tras de sí años de crecimiento del PBI en negativo.
Post-sanctions Russia and the state of anti-corruption compliance enforcement

The International Conference "Compliance Procedures: Level of Implementation During and After Sanctions" to be held in Moscow on October 27th from 14.30 – 18.00.


We provide fully or partially outsourced accounting and financial administration outsourcing services in Russia and Ukraine. We offer accounting outsourcing, tax compliance and reporting, payroll management, HR administration and management reporting services.
Headhunters in a meeting discussing with customer
We focus on providing audit services resulting in a clear understanding of financial records, accurate risk assessment and recommendations for areas of improvement and tightening of internal controls. Our services include Russian statutory audit, tax audit, internal audit and audit in accordance with international standards (IFRS, US GAAP) that we conduct for our clients in Russia and Ukraine.
IT-services in Russia and Ukraine

As an internet and social media based recruitment leader, we really offer a competitive edge in finding the best and most motivated people in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS. We provide headhunting and recruitment services with success fees only and no retainers.
Our business process analysis leads to optimal applicable solutions. Analyzing our client’s business processes is paramount to ensure that we offer the right ERP choice to our clients. We have launched our new IFRS reporter and Purchase Invoice Management System, which allow us meeting our clients’ needs more efficiently

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