To bridge the time until a company employs a permanent CFO or Chief Accountant, Awara is able to provide interim CFOs and Chief Accountants. Furthermore, with outsourcing these positions to highly qualified specialists at Awara, companies can save up to 30% of their accounting costs. This service is a perfect solution for those businesses that do not require hiring full-time finance and accounting specialists.

Interim Chief Accountant Functions

  1. Preparation of statutory financial statements and tax reports
  2. Participation in audit and tax inspections by providing necessary information and preparing required documents
  3. Coordination of work with Client’s internal accounting specialists and employees from other departments in order to ensure all accounting objectives completed in due time
  4. Practical consulting for Client’s employees involved in the accounting process
  5. Development of company’s accounting policies for financial and tax accounting
  6. Assessment of company’s automated accounting systems and providing recommendations for their optimization
  7. Recommendations on optimization methodology of current accounting procedures

Interim CFO Functions:

  1. Financial control and processes optimization
  2. Consultations on the selection of an optimal taxation system, tax planning
  3. Management reporting
  4. Budgeting, forecasting and monitoring, cash flow management
  5. Assistance with establishing pricing policies
  6. Control of accounts payable and accounts receivable
  7. Participation in accounting automation projects
  8. Assistance with KPI development
  9. Fundraising consultations
  10. Participation in investment strategy development
  11. Internal and external audits support


Cost saving

Experience has proven that outsourcing finance and accounting to highly qualified specialists is more cost-efficient than hiring in-house professionals and can help your company to save up to 30%. Or save up to 50% by choosing our full-service accounting outsourcing.

Non-stop business operations

Awara will help to avoid any interruptions in the work of your financial department while you are searching for permanent employees. Our services are professionally embedded in your accounting routines to ensure the on-going tasks are running smoothly.

Risk reduction

All of your company’s financial statements and tax reports are prepared by professionals and presented to the tax authorities on time. We guarantee the independence of our specialist, ensuring the objectivity and reliability of the provided information.

Solid support

We can always provide you with necessary consultations on any issues with Russian accounting and tax compliance legislation.


Sergey Minyailo

Sergey Minyailo
Chief of Financial Outsourcing Department

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Eva Hua
Business Consultant

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