Payroll Services in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Tver

Outsourcing a company’s payroll is one of the most popular accounting services. Despite the fact that the calculation of salaries, taxes, and funds contributions seems rather monotonous, it is in fact a complex and time-consuming accounting process which creates a significant workload for your financial department. We offer outsourcing payroll to Awara to ensure error-free and timely calculation of employees’ salaries.

Our payroll services include:

  • calculation of salaries, bonuses, and other compensations
  • preparation of payment documents
  • tax calculation
  • social security and pension calculations
  • handling expense reimbursement
  • monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports preparation for the Federal Tax Service and extra-budgetary funds
  • clean and concise management reports preparation
  • time and attendance reports
  • HR and payroll software development and implementation
  • consulting on adaptation of the client’s incentive policies to Russian legal requirements



Awara takes over your corporate routines and helps you focus on strategic goals.

Full-service support

We are not just an accounting firm— our IT and legal specialists are always ready to help with any matters.


You will never have to worry about hiring, training, or replacement of payroll staff.


Flexibility and thoughtful planning enable making the best use of our specialists’ working time which results in better service at a better price.

Sergey Minyailo

Sergey Minyailo
Chief of Financial Outsourcing Department
Awara has always been noted for dedication, flexibility, and its client-centered approach. Our goal is not only providing high-quality payroll accounting services, but also making sure that customers are happy that they have chosen us as their partner. That’s why we constantly conduct comprehensive measures dedicated to services development and further quality enhancement.


Sergey Minyailo

Sergey Minyailo
Chief of Financial Outsourcing Department

Eva Hua

Eva Hua
Business Consultant

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