Our Team

Eugene Isaev
Executive Partner
Eugene Isaev joined Hellevig, Klein & Usov in 2005 as an attorney specializing in corporate law. Since that time, he has expanded his practice to include a wide array of business projects, labor, tax and migration law.
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Sergey Minyailo
Head of Financial Outsourcing Department
Sergey joined the company in 2008. Curently he works with such projects as outsourcing of accounting processes for international clients, consulting on accounting and local tax matters, and preparation of IFRS/GAAP reporting.
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Anna Fraser
Key Account Manager
Anna Fraser joined Awara in 2008, and since then has held the position of Key Account Manager, handling project management and financial and legal matters for Awara’s clients.
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Elena Kulikova
Business Development Manager (Nordics)
Elena has graduated from Russian Foreign Trade Academy back in 2007 with degree in foreign economic relationships (in English and French), and from the very beginning was keen on working with foreign investors and cross-border business issues.
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Eva Hua
Vice President German Relations and Business Consulting
Eva Hua joined Awara in 2010 as Key Account Manager, currently she acts as Vice President German Relations and Business Consulting.
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Irina Smirnova
Business Consultant
Irina Smirnova joined Awara in 2013. She acts as Business Consultant for projects in the field of legal services and recruitment, specializing in resolution of issues of current clients and attracting new customers.
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